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Brickster Tees want to help you out. How? We'd like to design your groups tshirts for you. We're offering to customize (change the design to suit your group, ie. adding group name, etc.) any existing Brickster Tee design from our catalogue for your Lego User Group OR we can come up with an original design just for you (minimum shirt order required). The designs can have between 1-4 colours and be on the front of the tee. Depending on the printer t-shirt colours will vary. Our goal here is to provide you with a great design on quality apparel at a reasonable cost. Depending on the number of tshirts you'll be ordering (and sizes) we will choose an appropriate manufacturer to get you the best price.

Submit a request below and select whether you would like to use an existing design from our collection or a brand new custom design. We'll contact you with more details.

Design Request Form


TeeSpring is like a Kickstarter for tshirts. Brickster can post your Lego User Group design there for your members to see. Each member can choose to 'back' the tshirts design (cost will be set at this point) and once we have enough 'backers' from your group the tshirts can them be made. Each 'backer' from your group will them order their own tshirt from TeeSpring.

This is just one alternative to producing your groups custom tshirts. There are other options as well.

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