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Like you I've been a fan of Lego since childhood. For awhile I had forgotten about Lego but when Star Wars Episode 1 Lego series came out I quickly picked up where I had left off.

The first set I got was the Naboo Fighter and i was hooked once again. I continued to follow each set release and picked up the ones I found most interesting. Same story as everyone else pretty much.

Recently I started making (drawing) designs that I thought were cool and as the trend is these days putting them on a tshirt for myself. At first I did single prototypes then I smartened up and made a RedBubble Shop to collect all my designs in one place publicly. I quickly realized that there is no ONE source where 'Lego Inspired' designs are showcases exclusively. There are plenty of other tshirt sale sites that occasionaly feature Lego designs but you have to follow far to many to keep up and will eventually miss out on some designs. So I start Brickster Tees for the express purpose of make a single source where you can see Lego ONLY designs by various artist (not just mine).

Brickster will be updated 3-5 times a week with news designs and occasionally I'll be featuring a custom Lego kit as well. If you have a design (or custom kit) you'd like featured here you can head over to the submissions form.

You can also find Brickster Tees at:
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You you want to follow my personal Flickr account at 'futuristicvlad' you'll see my Lego creations (Lego Iron Man obession) Brickster tshirt designs as I make them.

Build On! - the brickster


You might wonder why there's advertising banners on the tshirt profile pages. Well this is a side project for me and I need to cover hosting and development costs some how, so help us out and click on one of our advertisers if you can.

If you'd like to advertise on Brickster Tees please contact me via the submissions form as well.


Unlike most social media promotions we actually give you something. Our Brickster 100 Giveaway on Instagram got one of our followers a Siver Centurion Iron Man minifig. So hop on and FOLLOW US on whichever media source you prefer and hopefully you'll win next time.

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